by Hell Nancy

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released May 17, 2019

Recording: The Center for Sound, Light and Color Therapy
Mastering: Brian A. Bennett
Drums: Sun Mor
Bass: Grace Bugbee
Guitar: Ryan Oxford
Vocals/Rhythm Guitar: Lauren Joyce


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Hell Nancy Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Deer Bby Boy
Nobody Knows you
Yeah, well nobody owes you anything
Chip on your shoulder
Like somebody told you it'd be easy
Well, it wasn't me
I'd never be so mean

Do what you want
Don't waste my time

Deer in the headlights
Suddenly so clear
Staring into your doe eyes
watching them fill with fear
You're heartbroken, breakin' mine

Do what you want
Don't waste my time

Nobody knows the trouble you've seen
The trouble I'm in
Track Name: Owe
I wish you could know how much I owe to you
In the saddest songs I hear your story ring through
Think about you as a young man
Maybe my age or in the same place
Under red light you saw him shine
Maybe tonight, he'll make it alright

I didn't ask you to bring me into this world
Just being around you my eyes watered and fists curled
Think about you holding my hand
Shaking and frail in the hospital
The ones who told you to fear for your soul
If I find them, gunna put 'em in a six foot hole

You are Whole

Half your height now
White and worn out
Back bent, feet flat from the weight of your shame

None of your children want you...

Living in pain
Track Name: Burden
I wonder if you knew how long I waited for you
If you'd run
It wasn't a day, not even an hour
Not a minute, I just fell into it
I didn't take a breathe, I gasped for air

See, I was drownin' in emptiness
I was dyin' to feel skin on skin
I was lonesome, I was dangerous
It wasn't healthy, I'm not stable yet

And I'm still unsure of every move I'm makin'
Such a whore

I wouldn't blame you if you were headed for the hills by now
Haven't heard back from you for a day and I'm already moving you out

Don't believe them ever again
You taught me that lesson
They say they want you, don't listen
They'll only leave you

Cause they're so unsure of ever move they're makin'
such a Whore

"Your love is a bird"
Yeah, well my love is a burden

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